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Discord Stock Notification Alerts

Saturday, May 23, 2020

We have pleased to announce we have now implemented stock notifications via Discord. This will only be for the most popular products we are currently tracking.

This will be of particular interest to iPhone and iPads users who currently struggle to receive push notifications due to Apples restrictions.

There is a Discord app for both iOS and Android. You will need to allow permissions for the app to send notifications to your device.

The Stock Informer (US) invite link:-

Once you have the app setup and you have joined the "Stock Informer US" server, click the "stock-alert-setup" channel and follow the instructions to subscribe to the alerts you require. You can also mute any channels that you do not require notifications for.

As this is a new feature your feedback is always welcome, so please free to Contact Us and let us know how you are getting on with this.


Super NES Classic Pre-Order Round Up

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chaos is a good word to describe August 22nd and the SNES Classic pre-order debacle in the US.

This is how events unfolded:-

  • Best Buy - Just after 1am ET Best Buy were the first to offer preorders for the Super NES. This sold out in around half an hour.
  • Amazon - 4.45am ET Amazon went live with a completely new listing titled "Nintendo Digital Downloads/Game Trust Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition". This completely threw many buyers and stock checking websites. Confusion continued with many unsure as to whether this was actually the SNES console as there was no accompanying image. It was however legitimate and again sold out within half an hour. The listing has now been removed leaving just the original.
  • At 1pm ET it all kicked off again. This time Walmart and Target simultaneously put their listings live. Walmart lasted barely a couple of minutes (probably due to BOT buying), Target fared better and seemingly added stock intermittently for an hour or so.
  • GameStop had a completely different bad experience. Around the same time as Walmart and Target had released their pre-orders, rumours started to spread on social media that GameStop had also gone live. Unfortunately, the website ground to a halt which forced GameStop to redirect users to a holding page. This continued for a few hours. In the meantime, GameStop announced via Twitter that pre-orders were being taken in physical stores throughout the US. Then, eager eyed regulars spotted you could order on the official GameStop app a number of bundles which had been made available, needless to say they didn't last long! GameStops partner company, ThinkGeek, then proudly displayed a number of not very appealing bundles (to most of us anyway) on their website which lasted nearly an hour in most cases.
  • Toys R Us announced (maybe wisely) that they would not be offering any preorders, just in store on release day (we recommend you take a helmet!)

All in all countless eager buyers were left frustrated and angry at the lack of stock provided despite Nintendo promising considerably more stock than the NES Classic last year. It remains to be seen if any more SNES Classic preorders become available again before launch, however it's clear is that demand is sky high and these consoles are highly likely to be in short supply until the end of the year.


Push Notification Stock Alerts

Monday, March 20, 2017

A few of you have been asking where our App is for sending instant stock notifications? Well, unfortunately due to personal circumstances it's been delayed.

However, in the meantime we have an alternative that a few of you can use. We can now send instant notifications to:-

  • Android Devices using the Google Chrome Browser (which can be downloaded Free from the Play Store) OR
  • A desktop PC/MAC using the browsers Apple Safari, Google Chrome Web or Mozilla Firefox

A Push Notification on a Android mobile device is a message that instantly flashes up (just like other app messages you probably receive). It's similar on a desktop PC/MAC but flashes up in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can then Tap/Click the message to be taken directly to the retailer website.

Like the email notifications, please do not rely on this service to find you stock. We will send Push Notifications on a case by case basis where we can. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.

To get started you need to be registered and logged into the Stock Informer website and then click the 'My Profile' link at the top of the webpage. See section 2 and read all the notes. The bottom of section 2 you should see a YES/NO button. Flip the button below to 'YES' to start receiving notifications (obviously flip to 'NO' to stop!) If you cannot see the button, then it’s likely your browser/device is not currently compatible (apologies iPhone/iPad users!) You will also need to accept any pop messages your browser may display for you to give permission. Remember to click the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page to save your preferences. That's it!


Pokemon GO Plus Release Day Stock

Friday, September 16, 2016

Today saw the official release of the Pokemon GO Plus wristband.

The number of stockists allowed to sell the device is limited in the US, however GameStop seem to have a reasonable launch day supply. They are only selling in-store and not online for shipping, however you can hold a unit for pick-up at your local store via the website. Currently, the GameStop website has lots of stores throughout the US with stock available to reserve. You will need to be quick as we don't envisage this Pokemon GO Plus stock to last long today.

In contrast eBay has lots of wristbands available from various sellers with final selling prices currently averaging around the $80 mark. These prices constantly vary depending on the supply and demand at the time.

Amazon only has third party sellers with prices starting from $90 (plus shipping costs) which is higher than current eBay prices.

Keep an eye on our Pokemon GO plus stock checker webpage for immediate alerts as we track online stores for availability.


Release date stock shortages for PlayStation VR

Friday, September 02, 2016

It is now looking inevitable that the PlayStation VR will hit stock shortages in the United States on the release date 13th October 2016. Sony executives have even come out in public to confirm there are likely to be issues.

Two pre-order windows in March and June 2016 have resulted in all available units being sold out within minutes. Sony has subsequently confirmed there will be no more available until launch and we have found no online retailers currently taking any kind of orders.

Another factor is Christmas, obviously this is always a good period for Sony to sell their products, however a new hardware release during this period often leads to increased shortages as people are anxious to buy presents before the Christmas day deadline.

There are however some guys on eBay taking advantage of the situation with 5 sellers currently offering the virtual reality headset ranging from $950 to $2999! These sellers likely have confirmed pre-orders with established online retailers and will forward on the unit once they receive it on release date. Interestingly the $2999 seller describes themselves as having "unbeatable prices!" Our analysis has showed that these eBay listings are coming and going all the time with the average price changing week by week. Experience has shown us (as with the PS4 console) that more eBay listings are likely to appear closer to October 13th with average prices dropping from their current levels.


US Xbox One Release Date Announced

Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Xbox One console will be released in the US on Friday 22nd November 2013, that's one week before Sony’s PS4 hits the shelves.

There are 13 territories in total with the same launch date which are US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Spain. Other countries will be allocated an early 2014 date in the near future.

This news comes at a time when many retailers are having to stop taking pre-orders due to the high demand for the new console from Microsoft. have already stopped taking orders of the 'Day One' edition and are currently advising an estimated delivery date of 31st December for the Standard Edition.

Stock shortages are increasingly looking likely in the run up to the festive period and pre-ordering is currently highly recommended to ensure you do not miss out.


Amazon lists Xbox One Release on November 27th

Monday, June 24, 2013

A few days ago updated their Xbox One console webpage to show a North America release date of November 27th, 2013.

This prompted much speculation amongst the internet as to whether this was a genuine date, however Microsoft have subsequently confirmed that they have not yet informed any retailers of a specific launch date and claim that the Amazon listing is just a standard "placeholder".

However it seems strange that Amazon would update their website just for the sake of it having subsequently not shown any dates for weeks.

Currently the only official indication of an Xbox One release date is "November 2013" with a price of $499. The PS4 is rumoured to be released 2 weeks earlier on November 13. Whatever dates the two consoles are released there are likely to be stock shortages in the busy run up to Christmas.


Next Generation Consoles break Records

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The giant internet retailer has announced a new record week with a 4000% increase year-on-year on console sells.

A statement was released which confirmed that the biggest pre-order week was achieved with the launch confirmations of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. An amazing 2,500 consoles a minute were being ordered at one point.

Amazon did not supply any data regarding the actual number of units sold for each console however the Xbox One currently tops the charts following Microsoft's announcement that users are free to trade pre-owned games.

Clearly excitement is growing amongst gamers which have led to this pre-order frenzy with many not wanting to miss out on launch day when stock shortages are inevitable. Both Microsoft and Sony are sure to refine their initial pre-order allocation when manufacturing issues have been sorted and they have a clearer picture of the number of units that can be realistically produced.


Microsoft Change of Heart on Used Games

Sunday, June 23, 2013

After much criticism Microsoft has changed it's policy regarding on pre-owned games for the upcoming Xbox One console.

Game discs will be able to be freely shared or traded with anyone. Previously it was stipulated that discs could only be resold through authorized retailers and only given away to someone who has been a friend on your Xbox Live list for a minimum of 30 days. The console would also need to connect to the internet at least every 24 hours for games to be played regardless as to whether they were disc based or downloaded.

The idea behind this original policy was so that gamers could seamlessly switch between games, downloads and video calling to save time, however concern was raised amongst the gaming community for users without a persistent web connection.

Sony previously took full advantage of the row at the E3 video games expo happily announcing that the PlayStation 4 would have no such limitations would drew big cheers from the audience. This obviously concerned executives at Microsoft who listened and acted with this announcement. Weather long term damage to the reputation of the Xbox brand remains to be seen.

Pre-orders of the Xbox One increased dramatically on and regained top spot in the charts after the announcement proving the decision was popular amongst users and increased the probability of stock shortages after launch in November 2013.


Xbox One Limited Edition Console

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Microsoft have announced that there will be a "Day One" Limited Edition Xbox One console for eager early adopters.

Only available while stock lasts and to pre-order you will receive:-

  • Commemorative wireless controller with "Day One 2013" engraving etched into the front.
  • Token code to unlock exsclusive Day One achievement.
  • Premium packaging.

There is no additional cost for this pack which remains at the list price of $499.99. Microsoft have not said how many units will be produced but after supplies run dry you will only be able to get your hands on the Standard Edition console. Only available at selected retailers.


PS4 Pre-Christmas Launch at $399.99

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sony unveiled the final details of the PlayStation 4 at the recent E3 Expo in Los Angeles and confirmed that the console will definitely be launched before Christmas, however failed to give an exact date.

It will have a list price of $399.99 which is $100 cheaper than it's rival the Xbox One which is launched at around the same time by Microsoft. Sony have also confirmed that the PS4 will not have limitations on pre-owned games meaning users can trade in, lend to friends and do as they wish with the game once purchased which is unlike the Xbox One which has introduced un-popular restrictions on pre-owned discs. Sony also announced with great joy that their console does not to be permanently connected to the internet to work, whereby the Xbox One needs to 'check in' every 24 hours to enable users to continue gaming.

After the E3 presentation, pre-orders of the PlayStation 4 rocketed on websites like Amazon and overtaken the Xbox One as the more popular console of the two. This is still early days in the battle of the next generation consoles however it seems that the PS4 has gained the initiative. have also seemingly sold out of their initial allocation of 'Launch Edition' PlayStation 4 consoles, however pre-orders are still being taken for the 'Standard Edition' with the warning that they cannot guarantee delivery on the release date.


Wii U Stock Shortages Likely

Friday, October 26, 2012

Nintendo have confirmed that sales of the new Wii U console are high and that stock shortages are likely after launch. Regular deliveries to retailers are promised in the run up to Christmas to help ease any potential problems.

Nintendo's President, Satoru Iwata, advised that many retailers have already sold out of their initial allotments and quoted GameStop in the U.S. as having a massive 250,000 waiting list. Apparently production of the console only commenced in the Summer meaning that the late start to manufacturing will be the main driver of the stock shortages as opposed to exceptionally high consumer demand. The level of shortages will largely depend on how quickly production can be ramped up at the manufacturers and suppliers in the run up to the respective launch dates in the United States, Europe and Japan.

The company hopes to sell over 5 million units from launch and admitted that it will initially be selling the console at a loss in an attempt to get a foothold in the next generation video games console market. Profits can subsequently be obtained through sales of games and accessories although this can take time to filter through. Microsoft has confirmed it is already working on a successor to the Xbox 360 and Sony is thought to be doing likewise.


Nintendo Constraining Wii U Supply?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Within days of Nintendo announcing the Wii U release date retailers such as GameStop, Best Buy, Target, Kmart and Toys R Us all ceased taking pre-orders indicating that their initial stock allocation had been exhausted.

Reports suggest that in the US Nintendo had allocated approximately 300,000 to 400,000 Wii U consoles for initial pre-order. It also seems that manufacturing production has not yet started which would go some way to explain the seemingly low initial stock allocation to retailers. This theory has further credibility with the lack of leaked photos from the production line. These photos from a smuggled in camera are commonplace when production of a new electronic device goes into full swing (just look at the recent iPhone 5 and iPad Mini leaks). When production does start, which can't be long now, Nintendo should be in a better position to judge how many further units (if any) can be allocated to retailers so we may find further pre-orders restarting prior to the 18th November release date.

Another theory is that Nintendo is simply constraining supply on purpose to give the impression of shortages to boost demand (something Nintendo were also accused of with the original Wii). However, this is a dangerous game to play because if they under supplied the market too much customers are likely to get fed up and just go buy something else instead.

The GameStop president has been quoted at saying that "demand for the Wii U has been off the charts" with the retailer now only taking orders through their PowerUser Reward scheme. Even then GameStop cannot guarantee when the console will actually get shipped to you.


Wii U Pre-Orders

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Since Nintendo's Wii U press event this week a number of retailers such as GameStop, Target, Best buy and Kmart had started taking preorders for the forthcoming Wii U console. However, they all have now subsequently stopped taking online orders for the Deluxe Set model. Currently only GameStop are still accepting orders for the less popular Basic Set.

It isn't clear whether they have just used up their initial allocation of stock advised to them from Nintendo or whether they are taking a more cautious approach. The likelihood is that depending on progress made by Nintendo's manufacturing partners more stock allocations will be made nearer the launch date of 18th November. This will then enable these retailers to start taking pre-orders again.

Meanwhile, mystery surrounds's seemingly refusal to now stock Nintendo consoles. Wii U product pages have been setup at however all sales are via third party sellers (the same currently goes for the original Wii console and handheld 3DS Console). Internet forums suggest that a dispute has occurred between and Nintendo over returned 3DS consoles which suffered from scratched screens. Also, users who have previously registered on's email list to be notified when the Wii U would be available to order, have now received an email advising "I'm sorry, we don't have any more stock of Nintendo Wii U console right now, and we're not sure when we'll be able to get more". Even the official Nintendo Wii U webpage has now removed as a retailer that would be selling the new console. Amazon's European divisions have no problem selling Nintendo Products with (UK), (Germany) and (France) all currently taking Wii U preorders which will be fulfilled by them.


Wii U Launch 18th November

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The new Wii U console will be launched in the U.S. on the 18th November. The announcement was made today by Nintendo.

From the launch date two versions will be available:-

Basic Set ($299.99)
  • White Console.
  • 8GB Internal Storage.
  • One White Gamepad.
  • Wii Sensor Bar.
  • 2 x AC adapters for console and GamePad.
  • High Speed HDMI Cable.
Deluxe Set ($349.99)
  • Black Console.
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • One Black GamePad.
  • GamePad Cradle.
  • GamePad Stand.
  • Console Stand.
  • Wii Sensor Bar.
  • 2 x AC adapters for console and GamePad.
  • High Speed HDMI Cable.
  • Nintendo Land game.

A new online service was also announced called Nintendo TVii. This will allow users to watch streaming TV programs and movies on either the TV or the GamePad tablet screen via services such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu.

Users that opt for the basic package will still be able to purchase additional accessories and Nintendo Land game separately at a later date.

The US is the first area to launch with the Wii U on the 18th November, the next is Europe on the 30th November and then Japan on 8th December. No other launch areas were announced today.


LeapPad 2 Explorer Disney Princess Bundle

Thursday, August 23, 2012

In addition to the standard Green and Pink LeapPad 2, Leapfrog have released an additional Disney Princess bundle.

Obviously aimed at the younger female market, the bundle includes:-

  • LeapPad2 tablet custom-decorated with a pearlescent pink frame and Disney Princess filigree.
  • Exclusive protective carrying case with the Disney Princesses featured.
  • Seven exclusive Disney Princess wallpapers that allow you to customize the homescreen of your LeapPad2 tablet with your favorite princesses (Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Tiana, Snow White, Rapunzel).
  • Two sticker sheets featuring the Disney Princess.

All other specifications and features are the same as the standard LeapPad 2 tablet and is sure to prove a big hit with girls who love the Disney Princess. The recommended retail price is $129.99 at


LeapPad 2 Released on 1st August

Thursday, July 26, 2012

LeapFrog have revealed that the upcoming follow up kids tablet the LeapPad 2 will be officially released on the 1st August 2012.

Kmart and Target are currently taking preorders for the LeapPad 2 with free shipping expected on the 1st August. were taking preorders for the last week or so, however they have now stopped and we can only presume they have sold out their initial allocation maybe indicating the initial popularity amongst American parents. Best Buy have listings on their website, however currently no option to preorder. J&R and Sams Club have yet to list the kids tablet on their websites.

If the popularity of the first generation LeapPad is anything to go by, then it's successor is sure to be a hit again this Christmas with stock shortages a distinct possibility again. Christmas 2011 saw parents screaming "where can we find a LeapPad?" as stock sold out just as quickly as it had arrived. We have no word yet on manufacturing levels yet as to whether LeapFrog will be producing more units to cope with the expected demand this time around.


Amazon Germany predicts Wii U Price and Release

Saturday, June 23, 2012 have this week listed the Nintendo Wii U at a predicted price of €399.99 and release date of 21st December 2012. This equates to around $500 USD. At the time of writing the listing is still live.

However, this news should be taken with a pinch of salt as a release date this close to Christmas would give very little time for Christmas sales and just doesn't make any sense. Also, a couple of weeks ago mistakenly started taking orders for the Wii U at a RRP of £279.99 ($435 USD), however this was quickly removed and all preorders were cancelled.

The UK online retailer has also started taking preorders for £279.99 ($435), so it seems that this could be the best guess of a price point so far.


Nintendo Land to be Shipped with Wii U

Friday, June 15, 2012

At this year's E3 conference in Los Angeles Nintendo Land was showcased for the new Wii U console. Intended to be bundled with the console, it is hoped that it will demonstrate the consoles capabilities in the same way that Wii Sports did for the original Wii.

Based on a theme park it will feature twelve games, five of which were demonstrated at E3. Each of these mini games is intended to help players get to grips with gaming on two screens as opposed to one and offer a deeper experience than the original Wii Sports:-

  • Luigi's Ghost Mansion - Four players run around and elevated view of a maze trying to trap an invisible ghost with their flashlights before the battery runs out or the ghost sneaks up behind them.
  • Animal Crossing: Sweet Day - Play with multiple players working together to collect as many sweets as possible. A different player can control guards to defeat them in their tracks! As more sweets are collected, the characters heads become larger and movement it slowed, meaning it's then best to discard your sweets and collect the points. Dual-screen play is demonstrated very well in this game as well as using the separate analog sticks to navigate two separate characters.
  • Takamaru's Ninja Castle – A single player game where the object is by using the GamePad's touch screen is to throw stars towards the TV screen to knock down ninja characters. this game demomstrates how easy it is to use the Wii U controller's touchscreen as an input device to interact with a game.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest – Three players play as a team, two with MotionPlus controllers acting as the fighters and a third on the GamePad acting as a bowman supporting the fighters and looking around finding new areas of the map. All three players can have completely different experiences during the same game.
  • Donkey Kong's Crash Course – Demonstrating the Wii U GamePad's gyroscope and accelerometer capabilities, this game offers a typical Donkey Kong platform style game whereby you need to guide a trolley, bearing the face of your Mii, down from the top of a maze to the bottom to rescue the Princess without toppling over or crashing into any walls.

The other seven games have yet to be officially announced, however don't be surprised if Metroid, F-Zero, Mario and Yoshi don't make an appearance somewhere down the line. All in all, Nintendo Land will demonstrate the social aspect of the Wii U with multiplayer gaming together with the new concept of playing with a tablet style controller and two screens.


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